Dear fellow psychology students from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Estonia, we are pleased and proud to invite you to the 7th annnual Nordic Psychology Students Conference, this time held in Turku, Finland, between the 23th-25th. of October 2015!

Last year’s conference in Uppsala, Sweden, was an utterly success with a highly interesting programme covering the aspects of “Psychological knowledge and methods within the field of work and organisational psychology organisation”. The conference consisted of excellent forums for discussion and networking in a warm and welcoming environment.

This year the Finnish NPS team has the ambition to provide to you an arena for you to learn and apply about Forensic Psychology, as well as give you an opportunity to collaborate and make new friends which will be of value to you in your coming career as psychologists.

This year’s topic is Forensic Psychology, and we are putting together an inspiring and exciting program with workshops and seminars. There will be lectures and workshops about incest and attitudes, famous criminal cases and child sexual abuse.

The social side of the event is also highly prioritized. Among other things, the evenings will offer the possibility to try out traditional food, games and drinks from the participating countries, and getting acquainted through engaging informal conversations.

Book the 23th-25th of October 2015!

Another source of information is the Facebook-page for our event: www.facebook.com/nordicpsychologystudents

Kind Regards,

NPS team 2015